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Multipack Carne Gelatinosa Parte

Applaws Jelly portion pouches are a premium complementary cat food made using only the ingredients listed on the label. Each pouch is low in carbohydrate and is packed full of protein rich meat and natural goodness giving that great taste that your cat will love.


2 x Pechuga de pollo (55 % pechuga de pollo, Agente gelificante vegetal), 2 x Pollo con pato (55 % pechuga de pollo, 7 % pato, Agente gelificante vegetal), 1 x Pollo con cordero (55 % pechuga de pollo, 7 % cordero, Agente gelificante vegetal)


Sin aditivos

Constitugentes Analiticos

Chicken Breast, Chicken with Duck, Chicken with Lamb

Hecho Con Ingredientes Naturales